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Bike MS Champion

Be A Champion! This free program connects a person living with MS to a cyclist to promote awareness, enthusiasm and friendship.  Whether your a cyclist of a person living with MS, becoming a Bike MS Champion is easy.

There are two ways for cyclists to become a Bike MS Champion

1. Ride for Someone You Know: If you know someone living with MS, decide together what your identifier will be (more on this below). Then teams can inspire others by sharing your photos and stories.

2. Let Us Pick: Don't have a champion? No problem, see our Bike MS Champions living with MS

*Identifiers: To make the connection between the cyclist and the person living with MS more personal, champions will pick their own symbol for cyclists to wear or carry during rides. We hope that replacing the orange bandana with a unique identifier such as ribbons, colored bike shorts or stickers will make the bond even stronger.  We encourage champions to be as creative as possible and to choose soemthing that is truly meaningful to them; if it fits on a bike, it can be used!

Highlight your Team Champion

Does someone living with MS inspire your team to ride? Together with your champoin, pick an identifier you can wear or carry in their honor.  Inspire others by telling us about your champion and your symbol. 

Are you a Champion living with MS?

Do you want to share the mission behind Bike MS with a group of cyclists? Send your story, what you would like your identifier to be (see above) along with your contact inforamtion to Erin Bickus to get involved.  We will partner you up with a participant from the ride.  You can also fill out the questionnaire below and send it back to Erin. 

Bike MS Champion LIVING with MS Questionnaire

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